03 juin 2013

Commercial Photographer Manchester talks about his future

"Bonjour mes amis, comment allez vous?" This is all what I can say in French. It's actually shame that I've been learning French for 7 years at the school. I don't know whom to blame. Probably myself.  My French was enough for holiday proposes: "Je veux deux baguettes et quatre croissants". In my professional my I never used French as all my clients speak English. Even french clients spoke to me French. 

Anyway, I want to talk about the commercial photography business. I work as a commercial photographer Manchester  for 15 years and I have an established network of publishers, agencies and some wealthy private clients. When I was young, digital camera didn't exist and you needed a time to learn to how to take a photo. Now we are living in WEB 2.0 world where you can watch free tutorial videos on various platforms and everyone can afford a camera. Does the evolution of technology is destroying our profession? Should we consider those amateurs who sell themselves as "professional photographer", as an enemy? What are your thoughts? 


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